A Peon’s Poem

I really love this Uncle Sam
I love this wonderful dreamy land
The news on TV told me I matter
Give me a hamburger so I can get fatter

I bend over to get screwed up the ass
I’ve been brainwashed since I was a lass

Social Engineering is okay by me
I’m conditioned to think I’m free
My planet’s future concerns me not
I just plug my ears and fill my pot

I am a wage slave, I do not care
I really think that it’s quite fair
Spend my money, Buy more Stuff
I bet economic collapse is just a bluff
I sweat, and I grind, and I bleed
I will always follow but never lead

We are the only species that pay to live
The government is my friend, they always give
Chem trails to cool the Earth, what is that?
I don’t really care, step on my face like a mat
It feels so good do it again Please
I would like some wine with my cheese

They own all the money and power on the planet
Shutup I’m watchin dancing with the stars Damnit!
The banksters that’s not really a concern
Imma just go give em all the money I earn
You think they’re lil’ old men with no worth
They own you and me and every nation on Earth

7 Billion people on one little blue ball
A New World Order to control us all
God said go forth and be fruitful
Mission Accomplished to be truthful
They can’t control us now, they’re really spending
They want the crumble and they want the ending
I don’t want to know, please be quiet, be silent
It’s so they can be your savior and be your tyrant

I am the ultimate American Android
A robot, a sheeple, a zombie with a hemroid
Main stream media gives me all the truth I need
Imma go lay down so these vampires can feed

~ American Android

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free. It expects what never was and what will never be. Benjamin Franklin

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