Walk With Me – Chapter 7 is ready


Summary: After being healed of a dark curse, Death himself embarks on a journey to regain everything he had lost and more, but Godric will soon discover what he desires most will cost him an unimaginable price.

Chapter 7 is up! Click here or the banner to go there directly. I promised you I was back! 2 chapters already and chapter 8 is on the way. Thank you everyone for all your comments and thanks to my friends who helped encourage me to start writing again. I can’t wait to see what you think of the next chapter.

Thank you and enjoy. ~AmericanAndroid

One thought on “Walk With Me – Chapter 7 is ready

  1. Just finished rereading this from the beginning. Love this story and happy to see updates. Looking forward to seeing what Godric thinks of what she has seen when she tells him.


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