I thought I’d drop a quick note to let you readers know what is going on. Before I get to that intriguing banner let me just remind ya’ll that Whispers on the Wind is complete in case you missed the final update. You can find the final chapter on my website. The remainder of Rabbit Hole is still in the works as well so don’t fret! And I’m also brainstorming ideas for the Whispers sequel which will be called “Whispers of the Heart”

After nearly an entire summer of a dying muse inspiration has hit me and I have started a new story and already have several extremely long chapters written. Longer than my typical chapters. I have already written near as much for this as I have Six Feet. You can see the banner for it here. Isn’t it pretty? It is called ‘Walk with Me’ and the first chapter should be out very soon. Suzymeinen is beta reading this story for me and she already has chapter one in her possession. Let me tell you a bit about this story because I think it’s an intriguing idea! First and foremost, it’s a Godric story but Eric will play a major role as well as some of your other favorite characters. 😀 In this story Godric isn’t really depressed and he’s being stalked by a young woman who takes pity on him and decides she is going to rid him of a century long curse that has hung over his head like a dark cloud, but there are unforeseen consequences, not to mention Godric being slammed with the call of the maker when he lays eyes on her. Okay that’s about all the spoilers I’m going to give you. I hope you are as excited as me about this new story!

8 thoughts on “News

  1. I am so happy for you and even happier for me! Intriguing indeed! Of course you did mention Six Feet…? Just wondering.
    Welcome back. We missed you.


  2. A delightful treat, your muse is back and working away..good news for everyone who enjoys your stories. Can’t wait to read more…


  3. Your new story sounds totally awesome. I’m really looking forward to it!
    Also it’s great to hear you say you’re thinking about the Whispers sequel, because I’m also really looking forward to that as well.
    Good luck writing. :]


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