FINAL CHAPTER – Whispers on the Wind


You bribed, begged, and threatened me to get the final chapter out quickly. So your wish is my command! Without further ado… here is the final chapter of “Whispers on the Wind” ending our wind swept love tale between Godric and Sookie. Chapter 15: Whispers of the Heart. This story has rounded out at about 57,500 words. Thank you so much to all the followers of this story who have left a near 400 reviews across 3 websites and 14 chapters for this story! Your feedback has been amazing, especially for a Godric story! I apologize for the slowness at which I have gotten the last few chapters out to you. Thank you again for everything. xoxo.

PS: If you see any errors in this story please be a peach and let me know so I can fix them!

For those of you who haven’t read and are wondering what it’s about now that it’s complete – here is a quick synopsis… While on the rooftop in Dallas when Godric attempts to meet the sun Sookie tries to stop him, but something goes terribly wrong with her fae magic and they are swept 2000 years to the past in ancient Rome. Godric is trying to deal with the fact that he is now a human with very vampire tendencies, not to mention trying to survive his evil future maker, and Sookie is trying to traverse the dangerous and perilous ancient world. Sookie will discover so much about herself that it puts everything she thought she knew into question. Meanwhile, lying in wait is something dark and sinister which was ultimately behind their blast to the past.

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