Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole 38


Click Here! 6086 Words – Ch 38: The Long Night Begins

I’m not responsible for brains fried, melting into a puddle, or running through the house screaming as a result of this chapter! Please have a towel or husband on standby.

Thank you to my beta Leah — The Queen of Delicious

April News:
Well I did not get out as many chapters this month as I would have liked. I have been working on a new project with Leah and Naima Demars that has taken some upfront time. Plus, I am working on a kick ass original story. In any case, I managed to get 1 update of Six Feet, 1 update of Whispers, and 3 updates of Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole. Total of 5 updates! Not bad I say!

For those of you who don’t know, which I hope isn’t many. The New Directly “Fangbangers Anonymous” will be launching tomorrow! Stay tuned for updates from Hiviks and gang about that. It is going to have all sorts of neat and interesting things on it that are sure to energize our fandom.

Leah, Naima Demars, and myself will also be launching a new fun-filled website called “Area 5 Bloody Pen” on May 1st that is sure to put a little hmph into the mix! This launch will coincide with the Historical Fiction Contest voting. I am so thrilled that we have had such a wonderful turn out for the contest and there will be tons of historical fictions from a wide array of time periods for you guys to read on the new website!

A pretty busy week coming up for our fandom! How exciting. Hopefully you can fit in the time to read the latest chapter of Rabbit from your humble neighborhood Android!

Thank You,

American Android

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